'The Grease' Products...

The Grease is an all-natural cannabis infused moisturizing topical cream/oil that is being used to help fight the discomfort and pain of an ever growing list of ailments.
Originally developed in 2012, ​The Grease is made of natural ingredients; with no harmful additives.

The Grease offers a natural pain management alternative that actually works!

The Grease contains cannabis extracts which are taken from the marijuana plant. These extracts are absorbed into our bodies CB2 receptors and activate our bodies own endo-cannabinoid system, boosting our own natural healing capabilities. This explains the vast amount of ailments that The Grease has had a positive effect on.

The Grease is intended for topical application for relief of many ailments.

Apply The Grease to the affected area every 6-8 hours or as needed.

Some clients have even found that after a few weeks of consistent use, their recurring symptoms lessen and they find less cause and need to use the cream.

~General aches and pains     ~Inflammation     ~Tendonitis/Tendonopathy     ~Carpal Tunnel and Tennis Elbow pain     ~Nerve Pain     ~Diabetic Nerve Pain     ~Joint Pain, Stiffness and Cramping     ~Arthritis     ~Rheumatoid Arthritis     ~​Psoriasis     ~​Eczema     ~​Headaches and Migraines     ~​Acne and Facial Blemishes     ~Pain associated with MS     ~Pain associated with Shingles     ~Menstral Cramping     ~Fibromyalgia pain     ~Speeds healing of cuts, scrapes and scratches     ~Calming, for a restful night's sleep     ~Speeds healing of tattoos     ~Sports injuries     ~Workout aches and pains     ~Cold Sores     ~Athletes Foot Sores     ~Plantar Fasciitis Pain     ~Sciatic Nerve Pain     ~Hot Spots on Pets

The Grease Cream

Our whipped body butter topical cream made with white Shea butter, coconut oil, whole plant cannabis extracts and scented oils. A little on the greasy side (hence the name) provides heavy coverage and a little goes a long way.  Great for massaging of sore achy muscles, and provides long lasting moisture.

Comes in a 1oz jar and is available in 4 scents:

~ Mint          ~ Lavender          ~ Vanilla          ~ Original

The Grease Roll-On

Our roll on topical oil is a quick absorbing, fast acting, easy to apply.  It is a combination of grape seed oil, coconut oil, whole plant cannabis extracts, mineral oil, Aloe Vera and scented oils.

It is available in 3 scents:

~ Vanilla Honey          ~ Mint Chocolate          ~ Lavender Rose

The Grease Bath Soaks

Our medicated bath soaks are great for relaxing and detoxing the whole body. They are made of Epson Salts, Citric Acid, baking soda, coconut oil, whole plant cannabis extracts and scented oils.

Comes in two sizes 125ml and 250ml

Available scents are:

~ Lavender Eucalyptus          ~ Orange Creamsicle

ReLeaf Lotion

The newest addition to our line of products provides a smooth, satiny, lotion that absorbs nicely and leaves an amazing smell.  While providing the same great pain relief that our clients have come to expect from our Grease product line.
Available in 3 sizes 80ml, 120ml, and 250ml

Available scents are:

~ Vanilla Brown Sugar      ~ Lavender Eucalyptus      ~ Passion Fruit