Massage to Reduce Pain – Sep 2020

People often seek out massage and chiropractic services when there is something wrong with their body, when they have overdone it working or exercising and are now in pain. This is fine as it definitely will help at making them feel better quicker but it’s good to know that regular massages, as well as chiropractic appointments, help to maintain and keep your body in better overall condition and can actually help prevent major pain or injuries from happening.

When you have an injury or are just sore all over from doing too much, massaging of the soft tissue helps you to heal faster as massage increases the blood flow which pushes more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Circulation is greatly improved which will help to reduce swelling and remove waste through the lymphatic system.

By having regular appointments you are improving your body’s circulation and having good blood flow will prevent getting injuries in the future. As we get older our lives naturally become more sedentary so it seems as soon as we do anything, we hurt. A regular massage regime greatly helps with your range of motion and flexibility which lowers the chances of injuring your muscles and going through all the pain and suffering. Stress also keeps our muscles tight which makes it easier to be injured. Massage reduces stress and improves sleep.

Creative Wellness Solutions offer three 15-minute routines. You can choose from a head and face, upper body, or legs and feet massage, or any combination. The price for a 15-minute routine at one of our convenient locations is only $20. We provide a convenient massage with innumerable benefits on a comfortable massage chair. You do not need to climb onto a table or remove clothing and no oils are used. We are a mobile service so are able to come to you in your home or you can visit us at one of the locations that we visit weekly.

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