Spring – Apr 2020

Spring has got to be the best of the four seasons. Warmer weather and longer days are embraced after the cold, dark winter. With spring comes new growth and hope for the future.

People usually feel happier, healthier and more vibrant in the spring. We are in better moods and enjoy being more active. It is always a joy to see the birds come back and all the baby animals exploring the new world, especially the hummingbirds and chipmunks, so it’s time to fill the feeders and put out some peanuts!

Seeing the leaves come out on the trees and the flowers start to sprout up making the world look so beautiful is inspirational. My favourite time is when the lilacs bloom and the smell wafts in on the warm wind through the open windows.

So let’s all keep busy with spring cleaning, yard work, maybe some home renovations or getting to those jobs we’ve been putting off like organising closets, basements, sheds, etc. Get inspired and creative, there’s tons of learning available on the internet, both educational and artistic. So learn something new, teach your dog some new tricks or skills, start a new hobby or get back to one you already enjoy! Let’s all do our best to stay busy and healthy as we look forward to better days.


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