Puzzles – Jan 2021

Did you know that puzzles are more than just fun, time-consuming activities? There are actual health benefits to doing a puzzle. There are many different types of puzzles that you can do that will help to improve your health.

You can do jigsaw puzzles on your table, which everyone can get involved with, or you can do them on your computer or tablet. Crossword puzzles have been a long-time favourite with the first one being published in a newspaper in 1913. Sudoku is another puzzle that has become very popular over the last 20 years.

One of the great things about doing puzzles is that it exercises both sides of your brain, the analytical side and the logical thinking side. Puzzles also help to improve your memory. Studies have shown that doing puzzles may help in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Puzzles can also improve visual and spatial reasoning and problem solving skills by having to figure out how they fit together and practicing how to try using different approaches.

Another great reason to spend some time doing puzzles is that it improves your mood and relieves stress! Just like a massage increases the dopamine, so does working on puzzles.

January 29th is National Puzzle Day! So, get to your regular chair massage appointment and spend some time working on a puzzle. They’re both great for your health!

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